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Padang 1981
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Bruce Hansel's Reputation as "The Shaper in Bali " is well known since 1999. Bruce realizes the Joy of Shaping is in Creating the best Board for you and your needs. All Bruce's Boards wether Stock or Custom are Shaped by Bruce. Home ground's >Florida. Started Shaping age 12. Moved to North Shore,Oahu,Hawaii 1977. Became part of the Infamous "Pipeline Underground" and Invite to the"Pipeline Masters" 4x. Rode Underground Shaper Cort Gions boards for 12 years lacking the Confidence to shape my own Big Wave Guns.....surfed and worked for Eric Arakawa under Ronnie Burns,Mike and Derek Ho. Rode Boards and gained knowledge from Curt Hitzelburger, John Carper and Jeff Bushman.In the early 90's while working for Bill Barnfield in Haleiwa I picked up my planer again and started Shaping my own Boards and soon after friends started ordering....1999 moved to Bali to fulfill my Dream of Shaping and Surfing in Paradise and raising my Indonesian Family. At age 9 my second of three Daughters , Cinta started surfing and a new Era began as She reached heights I had never Achieved. Being crowned the first Indonesian "Women's Junior Champion" two years in a Row.Very exciting Magic in the Air !

Bruce Hansel Pipeline,Hawaii 1981

1981 Pipe Photo- Hornbaker

Bruce hansel Bali Surfboards

1999 Move to Bali

Bruce Hansel Pipeline,Hawaii Pipeline Masters1981

1982 Pipe Masters 

Pipeline Hawaii, Bruce Hansel Photo Lance Trout 1979

Pipeline 1979 Photo:Lance Trout

Bruce Hansel Surfboards and Cinta Hansel

Cinta Looking On !

Cinta Hansel ASC Asian Junior Champion

Cinta Asian Junior Champ 2 Years in a Row

Cinta Hansel Padma Beach Bali Bruce hansel Bali Surfboards
Cinta Hansel Surfing Padang Padang Bali Bruce Hansel Bali Surfboards

Cinta -Padang Padang

Cinta Padma Beach Break

WSL QS Nias 2019 Cinta Hansel Bruce Hansel Bali Surfboards
WSL QS Nias 2019 Cinta Hansel Photo Tim Hain Bruce Hansel Surfboards

WSL QS NIAS  3'rd Place Photo: Tim Hain ASC

Cinta WSL QS Nias  3'rd Place Photo: Tim Hain ASC

WSL OS Nias 2019 Awards Cinta Hansel
Cinta Hansel Surfing Padma Beach Bali Bruce Hansel Bali Surfboards

Cinta Padma Beach 2020 Photo: Cacho Izquierdo

Surfing Pipeline, Hawaii Bruce Hansel
Tracks Cover 1982 Photo Jeff Hornbaker
Surfing Pipeline Hawaii, Bruce Hansel Photo Don King
Surfing Magazine 1979 Full Page Photo Don King
Padang Padang Bali 1981 Bruce Hansel Photo Don King Surfers Journal

WSL QS NIAS 2019 Podium Cinta 3'rd Place

Cinta Hansel Surfing Bingin Photo Brian Blank

Cinta- Bingin  Photo: Brian Blank

Surfing Magazine Centerfold Bruce Hansel
Surfing Magazine 1977 Centerfold - Mistaken for Jim Cartland.
Surfing Pipeline Hawaii, Bruce Hansel PhotoDenjiro Sato
Pipeline 1987 Photo Denjiro Sato
Surfing Pipeline Hawaii Bruce Hansel Photo Mike Waggoner Surfer Magazine
Surfer Magazine 1987 Spread Photo Mike Waggoner
Surfing Pipeline Hawaii Bruce Hansel Movie The North Shore.
Surfers Journal - Padang Padang Bali 1981 Photo Don King
Pipeline from Movie "The North Shore" Film grab from Ron Condon
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