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Bruce Hansel Bali Surfboards

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Choose from Models in the "Surfboards All Models" page  or create your own!  I also can copy any design to a close degree.  If you don't know the  Volume you want Go to the Volume Chart ( In the Custom Order Page or Click on the Chart Below) and be HONEST Choosing your Skill level. Many Intermediates over estimate and believe they are Advanced resulting in not enough volume for easy catching of waves and timing. If you have any questions I am Here for You! E-mail, Chat on Messenger or Whatsapp or even Phone...You may also send Videos if you want me to determine your Skill Level ....after the Deposit has been paid.

All Boards are made from the finest imported foam, fiberglass and resins from Australia and the U.S.A..                                                                                              

Your choice of foam > Burford and Bennett Dion for strength or SouthCoast for High Performance Flex.

Choice of Carbon and glassing in                                                                                Light {4oz bottom and 2X 4oz deck}                       

Medium{4oz bottom and 4oz + 6oz deck}                

Strong {6oz bottom and 4oz + 6oz deck}                      

Extra Strong {6oz bottom + 6oz x 2 deck}                    

Choice of Fin Systems FCS Original,FCS Fusion , FCS 2 or Futures Boxes.        Prices start at 4,500,000 IDR for boards up to 6'6''. Go to the custom order page and use Paypal. Enjoy Your Ride !

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Volume Chart

Bruce Hansel Surfboards Bali
Bruce Hansel Surfboards Bali
Bruce Hansel Surfboards Bali
Bruce Hansel Surfboards Bali
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