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  Easy ! All you have to do is provide the required information below. Click on the PayPal button and pay the required $150 (US Dollars) Deposit and we will then send you a PayPal Email confirmation. After payment I will Design and Shape your Board ASAP. From that point on I will keep you updated on your order's progress, as well as answer any questions you may have! You will pay the Balance on Free Delivery of your Board or pickup from the "Board Lab". If You want Custom Art for your Board please send us a Image or PDF File of your Graphics. You can also Google " Images for Surfboard Airbrush Design". Provide the link in a e-mail so we know exactly what you want. You can find a Color Chart on the Custom Color page.

To use Western Union or a Bank Transfer e-mail for Details. E-mail Form is below Custom Order Form.


To Use Western Union or Bank Transfer-E-Mail for Details

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