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As Far as shape and board designs, big guys' surfboards are not much different from other types of surfboards. They're just a lot harder to come by in Stock Designs for Sale in Surf Shops. Dimensions require more Volume and proper distribution of that Volume. Shortboards, and Fun Performers are Included.

Volume is added through an increase of thickness and board width, a touch of length, and may also be added through wider noses and tails depending on the Model.

My Big Boy Models have Something for Every Level. Intermediate to Pro Levels !


 It's easy.Big Guys have their own needs and desire when it comes to getting a board that will work for them.The GiRtH is not a skinny, thin-pro-board sized up for bigger guys. This is the board I created for guys my age like me and my fellow big bodied friends.  Developed over the past 10 years, this is a board that has just the right amount of volume and curve for the larger guys in the lineup.
A Big Boy High Performer !
​For larger surfers that want a board that can handle steep drops and turn at high speed instead of just cruising when the surf gets good.

New Girth Bottom all.jpg

 Advanced Intermediate to Pro

ShampOO ShOOter

Shampoo Shooter w Script.jpg

Johnny Tuckers everyday board for 1-2' Canggu all the way up to 8' Padang Padang but then that's Johnny! A Big Boy Toy! Built for down the line speed and lightning fast turns, easy paddling and maximum fun.It features a full, yet racy outline with the wide point behind center for snappy turns and bite.The rocker is medium for easy speed and lots of glide in a variety of surf, and the bottom design is a single concave with a slight double in the fin area for seamless rail to rail transitions. Johnny likes his Colors on the Wild Side LOL ! That's Optional for You !

Stock Dimensions

Length          Wide          Thick          Volume

6'4''              19 5/8''        2 5/8"         33.92 ltr.

6'6''              19 3/4''        2 3/4''         36.61 ltr.

6'8''              19 7/8''        2 7/8''         39.97 ltr.

6'10''            20''              2 7/8''         40.75 ltr.

7'0''              20 1/4''        3''               44.00 ltr.

Stock Dimensions can be Adjusted for Custom Orders


Stock Dimensions

Length        Wide        Thick        Volume

5'4"             19"            2 1/4"       24.40 ltr

5'6"             19 1/4"      2 5/16"     26.10 ltr

5'8"             19 1/2"      2 3/8"       28.70 ltr

5'10"           19 3/4"      2 9/16"     31.40 ltr

6'0"             20"            2 5/8"       33.70 ltr

Custom Order Sizes Available!

5,000,000 IDR up to 6'6''


New Big Boy Toy Bottom all.jpg


Seaside Beyond Full.jpg

.Big Boys need Toys to ! A High Performance Fun Board.The Toy is not a Beginner Step Down. This is the board I created for guys my age like me and my fellow big bodied friends to have fun in Small - Medium Reef Waves or Beach. With a Single Concave bottom and a very slight V off the tail for the extra width this is a board that has just the right amount of volume and curve for the larger guys in the lineup.A Big Boy FUN High Performer !Available in any Tail Design.

A Quad Fish in the 7 foot range for super small days, bigger days and everything in between. A board that you can take with you anywhere you go. Easy Paddling with a Low Entry Rocker and Low exit and bit of Xtra Kick in the Tail.

It glides with the Length but It turns easy with the Quad Fin Placement. Single to Double Concave in the Tail area for extra Squirt and lift in Turns. A bit of V behind the Fins to allow it to easily be put on the Rail.

All Surfers can enjoy the easy Flow of this Board especially Older Advanced Surfers and Intermediate... Can be Ridden from Canggu and BEYOND to Medium sized Outside Corner Ulu and everything In Between !

Stock Dimensions

Length          Wide          Thick          Volume

6'0''              20''              2 1/2''         32.13 ltr.

6'2''              20 1/4''        2 5/8''         36.13 ltr.

6'4''              20 1/2''        2 3/4''         38.34 ltr.

6'6''              20 5/8''        2 7/8''         41.46 ltr.

6'8''              20 3/4''        2 7/8''         42.80 ltr.           

5,000,000 IDR up to 6'6''

stoMP UP

New Stomp Up Bottom all.jpg

A Big Boy Step Up for demanding conditions.  Featuring a more pronounced round pin tail or Baby Swallow, with a narrower than average hip between the feet, and a slightly wider than typical nose, full of drive the outline is a pretty typical high performance rocker profile, but with less concave throughout, which runs the rail rocker pretty parallel to the stringer line. This results in no radical curves or breaks in the rail line.It is a shortened step-up,…A Tube Shooter.!

 Fits in the curve better than a gun, and still holds in Meant to be ridden 4''-6'' longer,than your normal board, but mainly for those powerful pumping days in hollow reefs or on the road.  Extra Girth Designed into the nose foil  make a easy wave snatcher !                                                                                                                                                        

Advanced Intermediate to Pro

Length        Width       Thickness       Ltrs.

6'8"             20 3/4"      2 5/8"            40.00 Ltr

7'0"             21 3/8"      2 11/16"        45.38 Ltr

7'2''             21 1/2''      2 3/4''            47.42 Ltr

7'4"             21 3/4"      2 3/4"            49.5 Ltr

7'6''             22''            2 7/8''            53.07 Ltr

7'8''             22''            3''                  56.60 Ltr

Custom Order Sizes Available!

5,000,000 IDR up to 6'6''

5,500,000 IDR 6'6'' - 6'10''

6,500,000 IDR 7'0'' - 7'6''

Stock Dimensions

Length           Wide          Thick          Volume

6'6''                19''             2 1/2''         31.69 ltr.

6'8''                19 1/4''       2 5/8''         34.09 ltr.

6'10''              19 1/2''       2 3/4''         37.00 ltr.

7'0''                19 3/4''       2 7/8''         39.70 ltr.

7'2''                19 7/8''       3''               42.93 ltr.

Stock Dimensions can be Adjusted for Custom Orders              

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