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The Best All Around Indo Reef High Performer! Fast Loose and a Proven Barrel Shooter! As Good at carving as Driving through Long Hollow sections. If your good enough to be Surfing Reef Breaks this is the Board you need. A Round Pin Classic or Order as a Sexy Baby Swallow! Ride as a Quad on the most Hollow Days or a Thruster for Everyday Fun !

Advanced Intermediate>Pro

Stock Dimensions

Length  Wide       Thick        Volume

5'8''        18''          2 3/16''     23.4 ltr.

5'10''      18 1/4''    2 1/4''       25.17 ltr.

6'0''        18 1/2''    2 1/4''       26.24ltr.

6'2''        18 3/4''    2 5/16''     28.14 ltr.

6'4''        19''          2 3/8''       30 ltr.

6'6''        19 1/4''    2 1/2''       32.68 ltr.

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A Model Developed with Black Setiawan from Uluwatu in 2014 with him winning The Padang Trials etc. A very High Performance board suited to Power Surfing on the Rail as well as Huge Airs.The Squash Tail also allows for sliding maneuvers when left flat off the rail. The Rocker and Foil are for Reef Breaks all over Indo....to be ridden in small to medium size waves.

Avanced Intermediate>Pro

Stock Dimensions

Length        Wide          Thick           Volume

5'6''             17 7/8''       2 1/4''          22.2 ltr.

5'8''             18''             2 5/16''        23.73 ltr.

5'10''           18 1/4''       2 3/8''          25.84 ltr. 

6'0''              18 1/2''       2 1/2''         28.36 ltr.   

6'2''              18 5/8''       2 5/8''         30.93 ltr.

Whip it

Georges Roth my good friend and Ulu Charger known His Pig Dog attack... He borrowed a AM Whip off Made Lana and it led to this Model which he Claims goes better than the AM LOL.. created to perform on the battering  barrels of Ulus radical reefs. Not concerned with contests or busting airs,I Designed the qualities to fit the demanding conditions.  Featuring a more pronounced round pin tail or Baby Swallow, with a narrower than average hip between the feet, and a slightly wider than typical nose, full of drive in the outline. A pretty typical high performance rocker profile, but with less concave throughout, which runs the rail rocker pretty parallel to the stringer line. This results in no radical curves or breaks in the rail line.It is a shortened step-up,…A Tube Shooter.!

 But this short little jewel fits in the curve of the wave better than a gun, and still holds in.Meant to be ridden about the same size, or just a bit longer, as your normal board, but mainly for those powerful pumping days in hollow reefs of ULU or on the road.

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Advanced Intermediate>Pro

Stock Dimensions

Length     Wide         Thick       Volume

5'6''           18''            2 1/8''      21.63 ltr.

5'8''           18 1/4''      2 3/16''    23.01ltr. 

5'10''         18 1/2''      2 1/4''      24.74 ltr.

6'0''           19"            2 3/8''      27.56 ltr.

6'2''           19 1/2''      2 1/2''      30.44 ltr.

6'4''           20''            2 5/8''      33.65 ltr.


My best small wave performance shortboard.It loves small to average points, or beach breaks. Designed for advanced surfers in small surf that also works for advanced intermediate surfers.A bit wider nose than the past Slater 90's Era is more forgiving to increase forward drive and give more stability for landing airs.Creates a straighter forward outline for paddling into waves easier and gives       momentum faster in small surf. 

A wide hip in the tail allows control at speed and a more effortless start on bottom turns and cutbacks.The wide squash tail is stable especially in small waves.The hip is a pivot point to for tight powerful turns in small surf.

Low rail volume allows radical rail turns ! A loose feeling board that glides through flats, and is forgiving. A thick center under the chest adds paddle power and gives drive off the front foot for added speed. Deep concave rear third of the board:A slight vee behind the rear fin and out the tail. Double concave through the tail, adding lift, squirt and release through turns.

Low, flat tail rocker Allowing it to be surfed tight and vertical in the pocket with speedy down the line drive.

Advanced Intermediate>Pro

Advanced Dimensions

Length         Wide         Thick        Ltrs.

5’8               18.75         2.30           26

5’10             19.25         2.35           28.25

6’0               19.50         2.40           30.25

6’2               20.00         2.50           33.00

6’4               20.50         2.55           35.50

6’6               21.00         2.70           39.50

Advanced Intermediate Dimensions

Length         Wide          Thick         Ltrs.

5’8               19.00          2.35            27.25

5’10             19.50          2.44            30.00

6’0               20.00          2.50            32.00

6’2               20.50          2.60            35.00

6’4               21.00          2.66            38.50

6’6               21.50          2.80            42.00

6’8               21.75          2.80            44.00

Custom Order Sizes Always Available !

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Sling ShoT

Designed for Cinta Hansel to Surf Pipeline in Hawaii and Padang Padang in Bali in 2018 it has become Popular with Surfers wishing to Charge Hollow Waves, Long Pointbreaks and Strong Beach Breaks.A One Board Quiver!
It has the wide point a bit forward of center, but the nose area is kept down and the tail slightly pulled in to help it fit into a tighter curve.The thickness is pushed forward, which helps even more with getting you into waves easily, and the tail and rails thinned out to help hold through barrels and turns at speed.

The rocker is med/low through the front half to get you into waves easily and pick up speed quickly. The Tail has plenty rocker for control turning and snappy turns. Single concave runs through the bottom, with double concave inside the fin area, which allows speed and lift both on a rail and over flat spots while allowing for quick rail-to-rail transitions. Depending on what you want to ride it in we recommend you order anywhere from your height to 8" over, and 1/4" to 1/2" wider, and 1/8" to 3/8" thicker than your everyday shorty.
Stock is a round pin tail, but I can custom make it with any tail you like

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Length        Wide         Thick         Volume

5' 8"           18 3/4"       2 5/16"       24.5 ltr

5' 10"         19 "            2 7/16"       27    ltr 

6' 0"           19 3/8"       2 9/16"       29.7 ltr

6' 2"           19 3/4"       2 11/16"     32.8 ltr

6' 4"           20 1/4"       2 7/8"         37.1 ltr

6' 6"           20 1/2"       3 "              40.2 ltr