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               For Advanced Intermediate > Advanced and Pro Levels
  Short Boards for High Performance Ripping in Small to Medium Sized      

              Indonesian Waves. Reef Breaks or Hollow Beach Break

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Ulu Shooter_edited.jpg


Overdrive no black rail_edited.jpg

The Best All Around Indo Reef High Performer! Fast Loose and a Proven Barrel Shooter! Deigned for 3-6' Reef Breaks. With the wide point behind center it is as Good at Carving as Driving through Long Hollow sections. If your good enough to be Surfing Reef Breaks this is the Board you need. A Round Pin Classic or Order as a Sexy Baby Swallow or Round Tail ! Ride as a Quad on the most Hollow Days or a Thruster for Everyday Fun !

A Performance Short Board model built to allow you the freedom to go wherever your mind takes You. Low entry rocker and forward volume allow the board to paddle well, get up to Speed Quickly, and Adjust extremely well in the Tube. Low Refined Rails and thinned out tail make for a highly Maneuverable Board that is also very forgiving through Critical Maneuvers and it holds no matter how hard you Turn. Single Concave under the front foot, transitioning into double between the fins, and flat off the tail give the speed and control. Over the past two Decades Bruce has refined and tweaked this design thanks Personal Experience and Feedback. Any Dedicated Indo Traveler will Love having this Board in Their Indo Quiver ! Developed at Uluwatu but Shoots any Reef anywhere ! Has even been seen in Westrern Australia LOL !

Stock Dimensions

Length     Width       Thickness      Volume

5’8           18              2 3/16            23.4 ltr

5’10         18 1/4        2 1/4              25.17 ltr

6’0           18 1/2        2 5/16            26.8 ltr

6’2           18 5/8        2 3/8              28.5 ltr

6’4           18 3/4        2 1/2              30.93 ltr

6'6            19             2 5/8              37.63 ltr


My best small wave performance Shortboard.It loves small to average size surf on Reef Points, or Beach Breaks. Designed for advanced surfers in small surf that also works for advanced intermediate surfers.A bit wider nose than the past Slater 90's Era is more forgiving to increase forward drive and give more stability for landing airs.Creates a straighter forward outline for paddling into waves easier and gives       momentum faster in small surf. 

A wide hip in the tail allows control at speed and a more effortless start on bottom turns and cutbacks.The wide squash tail is stable especially in small waves.The hip is a pivot point to for tight powerful turns in small surf.

Low rail volume allows radical rail turns ! A loose feeling board that glides through flats, and is forgiving. A thick center under the chest adds paddle power and gives drive off the front foot for added speed. Deep concave rear third of the board:A slight vee behind the rear fin and out the tail. Double concave through the tail, adding lift, squirt and release through turns.

Low, flat tail rocker Allowing it to be surfed tight and vertical in the pocket with speedy down the line drive.

Advanced > Pro  Dimensions

Length         Wide         Thick        Ltrs.

5’8               18.75         2.30           26

5’10             19.25         2.35           28.25

6’0               19.50         2.40           30.25

6’2               20.00         2.50           33.00

6’4               20.50         2.55           35.50

6’6               21.00         2.70           39.50

Advanced Intermediate Dimensions

Length         Wide          Thick         Ltrs.

5’8               19.00          2.35            27.25

5’10             19.50          2.44            30.00

6’0               20.00          2.50            32.00

6’2               20.50          2.60            35.00

6’4               21.00          2.66            38.50

6’6               21.50          2.80            42.00

6’8               21.75          2.80            44.00

Custom Order Sizes Always Available !

Whip it

New Whip bottom all.jpg

A Board made for Georges Roth friend and Ulu Charger known for His Pig Dog Charging at Ulu. He borrowed a AM Whip off Made Lana and it led to this Model which he Claims goes better than the AM LOL.. created to perform on the battering  barrels of Ulus radical reefs. Not concerned with contests or busting airs,I Designed the qualities to fit the demanding conditions.  Featuring a more pronounced round pin tail or Baby Swallow, with a narrower than average hip between the feet, and a slightly wider than typical nose, full of drive in the outline. A pretty typical high performance rocker profile, but with less concave throughout, which runs the rail rocker pretty parallel to the stringer line. This results in no radical curves or breaks in the rail line.It is a shortened step-up,…A Tube Shooter.!

 But this short little jewel fits in the curve of the wave better than a gun, and still holds in.Meant to be ridden about the same size, or just a bit longer, as your normal board, but mainly for those powerful pumping days in hollow reefs of ULU or on the road.


Sharp Eye 77 all.jpg

It's a Copy Cat - I think you can tell by the name..The Original was a copy for Bol in The Padang Cup. The "Holy Torpedo" LOL ! The goal, generating maximum speed and lift to compliment his Barrel and Carves plus Ariels. With the Wide Point back behind center it suits back footed Surfers ! A Round Pintail for control combined with some extra forward volume & lowered rails makes for great planing in all conditions, while maintaining sensitivity and hold when given the right section. The 7venty7 has more entry & exit rocker coupled with a harder edge above the fins and more subtle concave through the tail. Perhaps the fastest board You will Ride!. This board surfs best in good punchy waves and is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers only. Order the model the same length as your height.Intermediate and Advanced surfers only. Ride the same length as your height.


Length     Wide         Thick       Volume

5'6''           18''            2 1/8''      21.63 ltr.

5'8''           18 1/4''      2 3/16''    23.01ltr. 

5'10''         18 1/2''      2 1/4''      24.74 ltr.

6'0''           19"            2 3/8''      27.56 ltr.

6'2''           19 1/2''      2 1/2''      30.44 ltr.

6'4''           20''            2 5/8''      33.65 ltr






WIDTH      WIDE        THICK         VOLUME

5' 4"           18.25          2.25            22.3L

5' 6"           18.00          2.21            22.2L

5' 8"           18.25          2.25            23.6L

5' 10"         18.75          2.40            26.5L   

6' 0"           19.00          2.45            28.2L

6' 2"           19.25          2.50            29.9L   

6' 4"           19.50          2.50            31.2L

6' 6"           19.75          2.65            34.3L 


The LoVE is a evolution of  Designs for my Daughter Cinta Hansel. Cinta means Love in Indonesian hince the Name. The latest is the most proven and Loved Pro-Shortboard for Her. Designed through direct feedback and ongoing refinement with rigorous testing from Her all over Bali.The LoVE is a reflection of what She has pushed Me to create, to keep up with Her Competing on a Pro Level and the demands now at 20 years old...

Over the years, there has been a constant refinements andfine tuning and adjustments to keep up with Her progression of modern performance surfing. This development also benefits the every-day surfer. If you have seen Cinta Surf ? Many Men wish they were as good

The Latest Design Concepts are.

 *  Low gradual, entry rocker, for glide and speed from Take-Off and Connecting sections more easy and carry your speed though drawn out turns.

*  Forgiving nose outline for more drive and speed, down the line generated through carving turns and landing reverse and fins out turns.

* Thin yet boxy rails through the tail area for quick response from heel while slicing through high speed carves.

* More Tail rocker with more curve and a deep 1/4'' concave under the rear foot. Allows for high speed and short radius arcs and vertical off the Lip surfing off the tail.

*  Designed for Advance Intermediate to Pro Level Surfers that want a Pro Level design order with extra volume to adjust to your Level. I am here to Advice You ! That's part of a Custom Board !

LENGTH          WIDTH         THICKNESS          VOLUME


4’8                    16.50              1.96                       15.95

4’10                   16.75              2.00                       16.95

5’0                     17.00              2.03                       17.95

5’2                     17.25              2.10                       19.45

5’4                     17.75              2.15                       21.25

5’5                     18.00              2.18                       22.05


5’6                     18.13              2.20                       22.95

5’8                     18.50              2.28                       24.95

5’10                    18.75             2.36                       26.95

6’0                      19.18             2.40                       28.95

6’2                      19.50             2.50                       31.40

6’4                      19.75             2.56                       33.35

6’6                      20.00             2.66                       36.00


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