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First CUSTOM BOARD? I am Here for You!

Bali Custom Surfboards Bruce Hansel

Yours Truly taking a Custom Order Being Filmed for TV

A Custom Surfboard Designed and Shaped, Colored and Glassed for You! The Excitement of moving to another Level closer to being a real Surfer. A Surfer in touch and Control over what is under His or Her Feet! It is hard to find what you want in The Surf Shop Rack? Volume or Shape wise? And a Custom is Yours with your name on it signed by Me!

Time to get real and order a custom? A Design being made for you through personal communication is the Key to progression.

Talking or Communicating to Me and giving some valuable info on what you really need is the way to begin to arrive at the best Surfboard for your stage of development. If you meet Me in person or ordering your Custom Board online using a surfboard Volume Calculator is the best thing, especially when you’re connecting directly to Me. Some Surfboard Companies do not offer the personal touch and use Staff and Ghost Shapers...The actual Shaper never even touched the board or signed it let alone communicated with you. This is the way of Big Business with Big Teams to Support. My Happy Customers are my Team. The way it used to be and should be. Communication is Number One! I pass the Savings of not having a Huge Team to $upport onto you!

Some important things to consider when Ordering!

1.Volume - Be True to Yourself and Your Shaper!

Be honest with Me about your weight and level of experience and time spent in the water on a weekly basis. Don’t order a board too small or with not enough overall volume for your current weight. I will help you figure this out. It helps to give Me the Dimensions from your current everyday board and explain where you want to go with your surfing. A lot of surfers think a smaller board makes them look cool especially with the right trendy logo and model. Truth is experienced surfers don't care what you look like while holding your board. The way you are able to Surf is Most Important. If you are not catching waves you are not having fun or improving. A Custom Board that fits you and is Designed for the surf breaks you wish to Surf is the Key to Happiness!

Custom Fun Board for Flamingga

2. Board Length - Don't Order to Short!

This has to do with your level and your ability to catch unbroken wave's easily and gain speed and drive to begin executing maneuvers. To short of a board will hinder you on all these points. I need to know the dimensions of the board you have been riding is as important as what you want to order. Every time you take a step-down in size it will be a bit of a struggle so I suggest you keep your old Faithful board or Boards for Day's that are to small to have fun on your new dream board...Fun is Number One ! Feel free to provide me with photos or video of you surfing as recent as possible. you won't bore me as I actually get excited making you the best board possible. But Beware I will be Honest with you about my opinion of your level. We work together!

Humberto Riding His Custom Semi Gun at G-Land

3. Specialty Board or All Rounder ?

What size waves and which specific surf breaks do you want your board to perform the best in? For instance do you want a board for the reefs or beach breaks or both? Do you want a board for Indo and also your home-breaks? I can Help you choose the proper model and size! I am here for You! Custom is the Key Word ! Also if you don't find the dimensions you think you need I will help you with the final solution. Don't be SHY !

Lee Limond on his All Rounder- Padma Beach,Bali

4. Fins- 3 or 4 or 5 ??? And Size!

Fins are as important as the shape of the board. They can make a design magic or not so special. You have a Fin System so use it. To small of fins equal a loss of drive and speed to make sections...To BIG equals Fast but to hard to turn. Once you are a advanced Intermediate the fins become very important as you need to find that perfect combination that allows speed and turns on the rail! The more you use your rail the more Power and Speed you can generate through turns not just pumping... I will always recommend a 3 Fin Thruster for learning these skills! Quads are best for Hollow Days where you will be Shooting for Barrels over turns as they allow you to set the rail sooner on late drops to pull in. Great for some of Indo's hollow point breaks...thus the 5 plug or box setup is choice! Again this is a Custom so Use Me! I arrange Fin Placement and suggest fin size and combinations according to all the Info I receive from You! I am here for you!

Alternative Shapes using Twin Fins and Single's are fun to have a different feeling under foot !

Blacky Setiawan - ULU-Perfect Combo of Fins and Board

5. Glassing - Are you doing Air's ?

I do ask this question sometimes in a joking manner... It's more about do you want the board to last or is performance number one? For Beach-breaks you want a medium light glass job meaning a 4x4x4 for fun in small waves. For a all around board I would suggest the same unless you plan on keeping the board for 1 year or longer.. Now for Reef Boards I suggest a stronger slightly heavier combo of 6x4x4 for performance- With a lot more water moving on reefs and resistance from strong offshore winds,more power in the swell and suck up the face....A Bit of Weight is a good thing and a stronger glass job will also endure the power lasting longer but then again all boards can break and sometimes that is a matter of luck but also knowledge! Again I am here for you! Use me I have been surfing 55 years and in the board industry for 42 years...Shaping Custom Boards for 25 years.

I Am Here For You !

Georges Roth with some weight at - Outside Corner,Uluwatu

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